DPIRSK is run by the Confreres of the Congregation of the Mission

St. Vincent de Paul was born in the village of Pouy in 1581. As a boy he lived among the poor and experienced the conditions under which they lived. In 1600 he became a priest. For a time he sought to escape from the poverty of his origins, but with the help of spiritual directors he felt himself called to deeper holiness and, through the events of his life, was finally led by divine providence to a firm determination to dedicate himself to the salvation of the poor. While he was exercising his ministry in Gannes and, on the 25th of January 1617, in Folleville, he saw that the upliftment of the poor was an urgent need. He himself held that this was the origin of his vocation, and of the Congregation of the Mission.

Gradually his religious development led to contemplating and serving Christ. Hearing the call of people in the world of his own day, learning to listen with an ever more intense love of God and of poor people who were burdened with hardships of all kinds, Vincent felt himself called to alleviate sufferings of every sort.

Our Personnel and Institutions

The Congregation of the Mission of St. Vincent de Paul - thrived to a great spiritual edifice in course of time and today the Congregation of the Mission has about 4,000 members in 46 Provinces and 5 Vice-Provinces scattered over 84 countries. Father G. Gregory Gay III, C.M, of Baltimore, is the incumbent worldwide Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission.Vincentians known for their inventive skills and innovative acumen, have made milestone achievements in the field of education. Some of the world renowned sister
concerns of the Vincentian Fraternity are:

  • St. John’s University (New York)
  • De Paul University (Chicago)
  • Niagara University (Niagara Falls, Buffalo)
  • Adamson University (Manila)
  • St. Vincent’s HS School (Chennai)
  • De Paul School (Vishakapatnam)
  • De Paul School ( Berhampur)
  • Universidad de Sta. Isabel
  • Santa Isabel College Manila
  • All Hallows College, Dublin (Ireland)
  • FaculdadeVicentina, Curitiba (Brazil)
  • De Paul International Residential School (Mysore)
  • De Paul International Residential School (Kerala), and so on.

De Paul International Residential School (Kerala) - DPIRSK – one of the many schools founded by Rev. Dr Jose Aikara CM, provides ample freedom and roaring enthusiasm for inquisitive minds to explore and experience their eventful student life. The healthy surroundings of De Paul, open up new avenues to them in which they would rise to spectacular heights and shine. De Paul staff and students live on campus throughout the academic year. DPIRSK is a real home away from home. It is a well-knit family where motherly love and fatherly affection relate them to an atmosphere of cordial and mutual trust, care and concern. All our endeavours are only to nourish the holistic growth of children and nurture their delicate world.

A sprawling campus spread over 25acres enveloped by a beautiful landscape and equipped with infrastructure facilities of international standard, De Paul would stimulate and sustain the growth process of the children in its four fold vital strands: intellectual, spiritual, moral and physical standards.

Guarded by cloud-capped mountains and seated in the lap of nature, DPIRSK is a hotspot of wisdom and cultural heritage. The School is situated only 18 km away from the Idukki Arch Dam. As the beautiful landscape of DPIRSK lies more than 1000 m above sea level, the temperature of the region is naturally regulated between 12 and 25 degree Celsius. The 360 degree view of lush green mountainous pastures, the distant echoes of the melodious chirps of songbirds, the never ceasing whistle of ever refreshing windsfrom Munnar and Idukki, and the irresistible call of the new blue sky dappled with occasional fragmentary clouds make De Paul international Residential School, Kerala a unique centre of Learning and Education.


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